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Fercell Engneering Limited


We are based in the UK and deliver both stand alone and complete plant applications for recycling machinery. We can help with shredding, granulating or briquetting. Our equipment supports the processing of key recyclables:  paper, cardboard, wood, and plastics of all forms: lump, film, moulds and containers. Our services include design, manufacture, supply, installation and support based from our UK

Written on 14th June 2013Elin Pheasant
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Sonoco Recycling

Sonoco Recycling has spent the last 100 years collecting and reprocessing paper and cardboard from our Halifax Mill. We offer recycling services for paper and cardboard. We can also offer a total waste management package for your company. Consider your carbon footprint, recycle with your local mill.

Written on 8th August 2012Elin Pheasant
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