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Mapal Green Energy UK Ltd.


Mapal Green Energy – innovative floating fine bubble diffuser system for wastewater aeration Mapal Green Energy Ltd. is a technology provider with process engineering design support capabilities. Mapal has developed an innovative, patented and cost-effective floating fine bubble aeration (FFBA) system. Our unique system comprises of floating fine bubble aeration units with diffusers. The FFBA system is suitable for any

Written on 26th August 2014Elin Pheasant
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Matrix Energy Systems


We aim to save you money by reducing your energy bills through engineered heating and cooling solutions in the domestic and commercial markets. We can provide income streams and fantastic ROI throught the use of tailored microgeneration solutions to suit your budget. We will analyse your current energy consumption and then report on the key savings that will give you

Written on 14th November 2013Elin Pheasant
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We are passionate about accelerating the adoption of renewable energy by property owners. We have seen thousands of customers benefiting from reduced energy bills, greater comfort and energy independence since 2004. Our focus is on delivering practical and proven renewable energy solutions appropriate to commercial and domestic clients requirements.. Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps Biomass Installations Solar Panels Wood

Written on 21st June 2013Elin Pheasant
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We are a Yorkshire based commercial Wind and Solar provider. We supply and install renewable energy technologies such as the Endurance E-3120 and Solar PV Systems.

Written on 8th August 2012Elin Pheasant
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