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Oceans-ESU Ltd


Oceans-ESU Ltd is a highly respected technical consultancy specialising in providing sustainable and integrated environmental solutions for a variety of industrial, retail and municipal applications. These solutions include bioremediation using our reed bed technology, contaminated land remediation and other consultancy services such as air monitoring.

Written on 12th September 2014Elin Pheasant
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Environmental Consultancy, Grontmij Limited


We provide a comprehensive environmental consultancy capability, focusing on understanding risk and developing solutions. Grontmij support industry, planners, developers, contractors, land owners, financial investors, local authorities and regulators with our extensive technical expertise in : contaminated land assessment and remediation; environmental management; environmental compliance; ecology; landscape design and impact assessment; geo-environmental engineering; waste and landfill services; water and waste water

Written on 18th October 2013Elin Pheasant
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University of Leeds – Faculty of Environment

The School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds offers a wide range of full- and part-time courses in Sustainability, covering Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Consultancy, and much more. We also provide a wide range of consultancy and training services to the environment industry, government agencies and not-for-profit organisations.

Written on 14th June 2013Elin Pheasant
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Green Gain


Green Gain is a vibrant consultancy specialising in the circular economy, innovation & enterprise. We help organisations to respond to changing markets and increasing resource prices through a range of strategic and practical approaches from resource efficiency through to new business models. Key services include: 1.Business support 2.Research & development 3.Environmental auditing

Written on 14th June 2013Elin Pheasant
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4R Group Ltd

Innovators in waste science and recycling techniques with an in-house team of scientists. The 4R Group offers clients high quality, cost effective recycling services for organic and inorganic by-products.

Written on 14th June 2013Elin Pheasant
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Environmental Compliance Services


We ensure environmental compliance for our clients. If you handle or transport Dangerous Goods we provide Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors and we also provide Recycling and Environmental Consultancy to Waste Management Sites and Industry.

Written on 15th May 2013Elin Pheasant
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Apollo Enviro


Apollo Enviro has been in operation since 2009 and is the sister company of leading energy brokers Apollo Energy. The company was established to provide environmental consultancy services designed to complement the procurement expertise already provided by its partner business.

Written on 29th April 2013Elin Pheasant
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