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SEaB Energy Ltd


SEaB Energy has developed MuckBuster and SEaB MB400 as compact easy-to-install turnkey anaerobic digestion (AD) systems in shipping containers. The systems are modular and scalable to address food waste and other bio wastes directly at the sites of waste producers who typically generate between 200 and 1000 tonnes of waste per year. MuckBuster and SEaB MB400 can reduce your operational

Written on 2nd December 2013Elin Pheasant
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ReFood UK Ltd


ReFood is the European market leader in the field of disposal of organic waste from kitchens, canteens and retailers. From every stage in the food chain, ReFood recycles food waste via Anaerobic Digestion (AD) to produce biogas for use for the generation of green energy as well as a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser called ReGrow. ReFood operates a fully integrated collection

Written on 8th August 2012Elin Pheasant
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Energos Ltd

Energos Ltd ACT Gasification technology provides a robust solution for the treatment of residual waste and its conversion to energy, our modular small scale commercially proven Waste to Energy plants compliment recycling and offer an environmentally beneficial solution by displacing fossil fuels and producing low cost heat and power. Energos currently have planning consent to build 7 facilities throughout UK

Written on 8th August 2012Elin Pheasant
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