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Oceans-ESU Ltd


Oceans-ESU Ltd is a highly respected technical consultancy specialising in providing sustainable and integrated environmental solutions for a variety of industrial, retail and municipal applications. These solutions include bioremediation using our reed bed technology, contaminated land remediation and other consultancy services such as air monitoring.

Written on 12th September 2014Elin Pheasant
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Virotec-Europe Ltd


Virotec Europe provide proven solutions to environmental contamination problems. We have four primary technologies; Viroflow – for the permanent binding of heavy metals in industrial process effluents; Viromine – for the management of acid mine and acid rock drainage; Virosoil – for the remediation of soil from contaminated former industrial sites and sediment from contaminated waterways; Virosewage for passive heavy

Written on 31st May 2013Elin Pheasant
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