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Satmo Vehicle Tracking


Tracking and telemetry systems to make your business more eco-efficient. By monitoring your fleets driving hours and driving styles you will cut down on your fuel consumption and reduce your carbon footprint as a result.

Written on 28th March 2014Elin Pheasant
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Green Gain


Green Gain is a vibrant consultancy specialising in the circular economy, innovation & enterprise. We help organisations to respond to changing markets and increasing resource prices through a range of strategic and practical approaches from resource efficiency through to new business models. Key services include: 1.Business support 2.Research & development 3.Environmental auditing

Written on 14th June 2013Elin Pheasant
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Shearwater Environmental

I am Roland Arnison, an independent consultant and adviser on sustainability, enterprise, eco-design, innovation and the circular economy. I help organisations to not just reduce their environmental harm, but change their activities to make positive impacts – environmentally, economically, socially. I have different roles for different clients – consultant, adviser, mentor, researcher, analyst…. and quite often a mix of all

Written on 8th August 2012Elin Pheasant
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ReFood UK Ltd


ReFood is the European market leader in the field of disposal of organic waste from kitchens, canteens and retailers. From every stage in the food chain, ReFood recycles food waste via Anaerobic Digestion (AD) to produce biogas for use for the generation of green energy as well as a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser called ReGrow. ReFood operates a fully integrated collection

Written on 8th August 2012Elin Pheasant
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