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Airius Europe Ltd

Winners of the ‘Innovation in Environmental Technology’ award at the coveted 2014 Environment and Energy Awards, Airius are air circulation experts specialising in thermal destratification systems. Airius are the world leaders in destratification systems with over 80,000 units sold worldwide and have helped thousands of businesses make substantial savings, reducing heating/cooling costs by 20%-50% by maximising the performance of existing

Advanced Cyclone Systems

Advanced Cyclone Systems (ACS) is the leading company for the supply of high efficiency industrial cyclones. ACS’ technologies achieve the highest standards in particulate matter emission control in boilers, furnaces and dryers, and in product recovery in the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Responsible Mailing

Eco friendly and responsible direct mailing services in Preston

Bloom Sustainable Business Services

Bloom provides sustainable business services including carbon diagnostics & footprinting, business development, environmental & operational systems solutions and implementing accounting for sustainability practices to drive sustainable business growth

Celestial Green Ventures | REDD+ Projects

Celestial Green Ventures (CGV) is an Ecosystem Conservation Company, based in Dublin, Ireland. We are specialised in the development of forest conservation projects under a REDD+ methodology.

EU Skills Network

The Energy & Utility Skills Network is growing by the day and exciting things are happening in the Gas, LP Gas, Waste Management, Natural Gas Vehicles and Energy Efficiency & Renewables industries. We are about helping small to medium sized enterprises in the Gas & Waste sector to bring change to the industry. We do this by creating industry-related networks

Carbon Footprinting and Sustainability Reporting, Auditing and Verification. Expertise and solutions for all your GHG emissions inventory and sustainability reporting requirements – CRC and voluntary and mandatory GHG Emissions Reporting, Carbon Trust Standard and CDP submissions .

Green Freight Europe

Green Freight Europe (GFE) helps reduce emissions from freight transport, providing access to best practices and a comparative benchmarking tool for companies who use or operate freight transport. Starting with road freight, GFE is widely recognised as the principal platform for improving environmental performance throughout Europe.

Codeblue Communications Limited

Code Blue Communications provide business-integrated solutions throughout the North of England, offering consultative management in all aspects of our business with the focus firmly on customer service. Code Blue’s Sustainablity+ provides businesses with the tools to monitor and report fleet CO2 emissions through driver performance management.