Lighting replacement at Lindapter International

After an initial trial in a recent office canteen refurbishment, Lindapter international (in line with their EHS goals & objectives which are set annually) has begun phasing the replacement of standard tube ceiling lighting to LED panels using 1200 x 600mm and 600 x 600mm units.

Lindapter's LEDs - cropped for webCoupled with motion sensors and intelligent switching options, the expected results look promising. The initial installation addressed two offices, reception and a corridor.

Power savings range from 54% fully illuminated to 92% with intelligent switching. The payback period calculated differed between lamp sizes but ranged between 7 months and 19 months.

Exact figures are impossible to predict without smart metering in place, old units are acknowledged as capable of using far more power than the rating on the tubes, possibly making the given savings figures conservative.

The initial trial involved the installation of motion-activated LED fittings in low footfall areas that were previously switched on constantly. These selected areas are now partially lit until they are occupied and the motion sensors activate the energy efficient panels to fully illuminate the entire area, a process that is expected to yield tangible savings.

Feedback on the all-important quality of light has been positive, with most employees saying the bright LEDs look like daylight. Obviously contrasting slightly with the old yellowish tubes, nobody has rejected the change. It is hoped that the next phase can be implemented within the main office area where the bulk of electricity consumption is concentrated.

This case study was kindly provided by Gavin Johnson, EHS & Site Services Manager at Lindapter International.

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Written on 1st September 2015Elin Pheasant
Published in News