Innovative Preserve range launched

Local social enterprises, Re-considered and Grow Bradford have launched a new community venture based upon preserving surplus fruit and vegetables thanks to funding from Defra, through a scheme administered by WRAP.

They are working with Bradford Council’s ‘Markets Service’ to capture surplus produce from St James Wholesale Market alongside local growers and other businesses.  Quite often this produce cannot be sold because it is very ripe or mis-shapen, but it is brilliant for preserving as jams, chutneys, dried fruit snacks, and other products.

They are combining this surplus produce with a dash of local ingenuity and culture to create a truly unique preserve range – ‘PLENTY – the People’s Preserves‘.

Recipes are being designed around seasonality, local cultures and flavour and will be a community collaboration.  They will also run preserving skills workshops to help others to cherish surplus.

If you have an issue with surplus fruit and vegetables or a passion for preserving they are keen to hear from you. They are also seeking local retailers who may want to sell some Plenty products.

Further information is available from Emma Hill at or on 07985 969643. Alternatively, please visit the Plenty website for further information.


Written on 2nd February 2016Elin Pheasant
Published in News