Environmental rules & regulations update

We hosted an Environmental Rules and Regulations Update in November in partnership with Enterprise Europe Network and with support from Investors in the Environment, to help businesses to stay up to date with their legal responsibilities for managing environmental issues.

Our three expert speakers were Noy Trounson from DLA Piper UK LLP, Jenny Lawson from Enterprise Europe Network and Becky Taylor from Investors in the Environment. Noy, Jenny and Becky provided excellent updates on recent changes to UK and EU environmental rules and regulations, discussed the potential changes that might occur when the UK leaving the EU and summarised the importance of managing environmental compliance and implementing environmental improvements.

Specific topics discussed by our speakers and delegates included:

– the consolidation of environmental permitting regulations
– the minimum energy efficiency standards for rented properties
– the planned changes to water abstraction licencing
– the all party parliamentary group proposal for the complete elimination of asbestos
– the introduction of Clean Air Zones to manage air pollution
– the guidelines on sentencing and fines for environmental offences
– the EU circular economy package
– the review of REACH regulations
– the introduction of minimum standards for water reuse
– the importance of managing environmental responsibilities
– the Yorkshire & Humber Investors in the Environment Scheme

We have more Eco Network events planned for this year and as always we will be covering a wide range of topics throughout the year. Please drop our Environment Advisor a line on 01274 206664 or at info@eco-network.org.uk if you can help other businesses by sharing your achievements, or if there are topics you’d like us to cover in our environmental events programme.

Written on 11th January 2017Elin Pheasant
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