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Tetronics International

Tetronics International is a global leader in the supply of Direct Current (DC) Plasma Arc systems for a wide range of applications including Waste Recovery, Hazardous Waste Treatment, Industrial Waste Treatment, Metal Recovery, Production Processes and Nano Materials. These environmentally oriented applications can be a complex and expensive problem for organisations, particularly when addressing the potentially damaging liabilities of hazardous waste (both from an environmental and social responsibility viewpoint).

At Tetronics, we are passionate about viewing these challenging wastes as a resource while ensuring the waste recovery process is as efficient and sustainable as possible. We continually invest in an on-going Research and Development programme, to extend the areas of application for plasma technology and to ensure our customers are able to extract the maximum value from their recovery process whilst contributing to their environmental targets.

We support our customers through the complete cradle to grave lifecycle management of the waste recovery plant, from the initial testing of the material at Tetronics’ test facility, the most comprehensive in Europe, through design and supply to the physical on-site installation of a full commercial plant and subsequent technical support and service.