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Technolog Limited

Technolog offers over 30 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of battery powered data loggers and pressure control products for the utilities. The products are complimented by a range of local and web-based software solutions.

Technolog are committed to producing quality products designed to withstand harsh environments at attractive prices. Our range includes the Cello GSM SMS/GPRS logger featuring frequent data transmission, two way communication and sophisticated alarm regimes. Variants are available for both clean and waste water applications. The Regulo electronic PRV controller provides flow, time and complex closed loop control options. Our expertise in this area is complemented by Technolog’s sister company, Utilitec Services, which specialises in designing and implementing pressure control schemes.

The success of any monitoring scheme depends on reliable data collection. Technolog have developed two data centres with an architecture specifically designed to collect large amounts of data from our remote read products. We offer a complete end to end data service which allows fast, reliable data collection and facilitates effective network monitoring.

Technolog are WITS founder members and offer a WITS-verified range of battery powered products which communicate by GPRS. The WITS protocol allows seamless integration of mains powered telemetry outstations and battery powered data loggers into telemetry master stations.

Technolog takes great pride in the level of customer service it offers and has a team of sales and support engineers dedicated to the water industry.