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Mapal Green Energy UK Ltd.

Mapal Green Energy – innovative floating fine bubble diffuser system for wastewater aeration

Mapal Green Energy Ltd. is a technology provider with process engineering design support capabilities. Mapal has developed an innovative, patented and cost-effective floating fine bubble aeration (FFBA) system. Our unique system comprises of floating fine bubble aeration units with diffusers. The FFBA system is suitable for any type of reactor or lagoon at every scale of operation and can be installed during the design and construction of wastewater treatment plants or to upgrade existing works by replacing the mechanical surface aerators (fixed or floating).

There is no need for a levelled floor (all the diffusers are 100% levelled from the water surface) and the system can be installed while the plant is still functioning meaning no down-time. The FFBA system is modular so any additions/re-positioning can be carried-out easily and with no disruption to the running of the plant. The units are automatically adjustable to the water depth and the diffusers are tubular, therefore reducing the risk of fouling and scaling. The unique and patented design of the system means there are no moving parts in the water thus lowering the energy consumption and reducing the O&M costs by up to 70%. Mapal’s FFBA technology has been proven in more than 35 WWTPs worldwide including in Brazil, South Africa and the UK. Mapal currently has live projects in the UK with Anglian Water, United Utilities and Thames Water.