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Gradeall International Ltd

Gradeall International Ltd have always strived to maintain a quality of build without compromising price.
Known and used within our industry as the “Recyclers Baler” Gradeall have been listening to feedback from our agents and customers, the people who actually use our balers.

The Gradeall Truck Tyre Baler will reduce the volume of waste tyres by 60% and will produce a Bale weight of 500-600kgs. Each Bale contains 6-8 truck tyres, which is a major increase in the quantity and weight of product per journey. This increase in payload leads to the reduction in fuel cost, truck movements, and a reduction in their carbon footprint. When competing in the European market, both cost and environmental awareness is a very valuable ally.

Operating a design office running ‘Solidworks’ software, a factory equipped with CNC equipment and a specialist assembly and installation team.
Each model has been optimised to handle cardboard, plastic, and other recyclable materials. With a keen eye on safety and price the and decades of experience the Gradeall G-Eco Range are designed and built to Gradeall’s highest quality standards

The Gradeall range of standard machines includes both horizontal. In addition the Company manufacture niche machines for Tyre, Polystyrene, Metal, Textiles, Glass Fibre and other recycling markets.

We continually seek to advance our product portfolio, using the latest technology to design efficient and cost effective recycling solutions for our customers. The Company also offers comprehensive service and backup plans.