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Building Energy Control Solutions

At Building Energy Control Solutions we do exactly what our name suggests, Energy Saving Solutions TODAY to safeguard the present and protect the future.

Our Background
BECS has a wealth of experience within both the refrigeration and HVAC controls industries, all 3 directors have spent the majority of their working lives within this sector.

Lighting – Save typically between 30% & 80% off your electrical energy bill

BECS are a specialist wholesaler of energy efficient lighting products often with many options available to replace or retrofit existing lighting.

Heating & Power – Save typically between 10% & 30% off your energy bill

BECS design, supply and/or install energy conserving building automation systems that help you reduce the cost of heating and cooling your facility, including every aspect, from design, equipment, controls (Panels, Actuators, Sensors, etc), installation and commissioning, to meet your exact needs. Whether you need systems to handle small freestanding buildings or a total solution for a complex, multi-building property, we have the experience and product range to exceed your expectations.

Sub-Metering – See what you use – Control what you use

BECS AM&T Metering System has been specifically designed for the SME offering a level of simplicity which makes energy management accessible to the non-technical person wherever he may be and whenever he chooses.

Once installed, there are little or no maintenance charges. However, returns on energy savings can be substantial. The systems can provide evidence to implement behavioural change or business cases to upgrade equipment thus providing significant reduction in costs and carbon footprint.

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