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ARM Ltd has extensive capabilities and experience of designing and constructing natural wastewater treatment systems for anything from an individual dwelling to a community of 25,000 people. Reedbeds can provide an excellent, low-cost treatment solution, and have been used for the secondary and tertiary stages of the sewage treatment process, as well as for the treatment of sludge and septic tank effluent.

Reedbeds can extend the life of older treatment works by polishing effluent, bringing it within regulator consent, and saving capital expenditure. ARM have the sole distribution rights for FBA™ Aerated Reed beds for high strength domestic and industrial wastewaters including landfill leachates and Glycol contaminated wastewater from Airports. ARM has designed and constructed more than 700 reed bed systems, providing wastewater treatment for a whole range of applications including:

• Domestic and municipal sewage
• Industrial process water
• Landfill leachate
• Surface water run-off
• Distillery wastewater
• Minewater drainage
• Groundwater remediation from petrochemicals
• Glycol treatment from airport run-off